Dancing Dreams… Chapter 2

My phone starts buzzing as I hop into my car. I shakily pick it up and answer. “Hello?” I ask, not bothering to look at the caller ID.

"Did you get the part?" I hear Miles ask.

"Yes! It’s for One Direction! Why didn’t you tell me?" I shout into the mobile.

"I knew you’d freak out. Just get back to the office so we can wait for the details." He says and hangs up without even a goodbye. 

"Wow you’re nice." I say to myself as I slip the phone into the passenger seat. I turn the key and the car comes to life. I pull out of the parking lot and drive back to the office building, taking my time, and thinking about the boys. "I still can’t believe I’m dancing for them…" I think. 

"Congratulations!" my best friend, Samantha greets me as I pull into the parking lot. 

"Thanks! I can’t believe it." I say still in shock. 

"All you need to do is introduce me to Niall." she smiles sheepishly.

"Well okay then! Let’s go see Miles." I say linking arms with her and strutting up to the sixth floor. 

We walk into the lobby and Michelle, the receptionist, greets us. We continue walking until we get to Miles’ office. He’s sitting still with his phone to his ear and listening intently to the conversation. Samantha and I sit down in the white fluffy chairs in front of his desk and get comfortable. I shoot a rubberband and hit her in the arm. She laughs and shoots one back. 

"Quit it." Miles whispers harshly, covering the phone with his hand.

We giggle silently and start making silly faces at each other in our boredom. 

"Thank you so much, Mr. Higgins. I’ll be sure to tell, Katie right away." Miles hangs the phone up and looks at us. "That was rude, but on the brightside I have all the information." he grimaces.

"Oh yay! Please tell." I lean in impatiently. 

"You’re going to be partnered with Harry and play his love interest. And Sam, I sent in a video of you dancing and they selected you as well. You will be Niall’s love interest. There will be three other girls there. I don’t know who. Practices will be Tuesday and Wednesday from six am to twelve pm at the studio and you’ll film Thursday and Friday. Now if  you’ll excuse me." he says getting up from his swivel chair and leaving the room.

"Oh my gosh. I’m going to be with… Niall Horan!" Samantha starts jumping up and down and crying her eyes out. 

"I can’t believe this! This is going to be so much fun! I wonder if the boys will be at the practices!" I scream and jump around with her. 

She pulls out her cell phone and dials a number. “Mom! I’m going to be in One Direction’s new music video!” She shouts. I hear her mom yelling in the background. 

I frown and leave the room wishing my mom was there to call. She died in a car accident two months ago and my dad had left her as soon as he found out she was pregnant. I love her and miss her more than you can imagine. One Direction saved me from killing myself from losing her. Samantha and I moved in together shortly after she died so I wouldn’t be alone.

"You okay?" Samantha asks jogging to me. 

"Yeah. I just miss Mom." I sigh. A tear falls down my cheek, I quickly wipe it away.

She pulls me into a big hug and rocks back and forth. “Let’s go home.” she says.

I nod and start walking next to her towards the car. 

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Dancing Dreams… Chapter 1

"Katie, you have an audition today at two for a music video." Miles says and hands me a piece of paper with the information.

"Okay. I’ll be there. Thanks, Miles." I smile weakly at him, stuffing the paper in my purse.

Having Miles for a manager was tough. He scheduled so many auditions and appearances that it was hard to keep track. He did keep me out there though. 

I head down the elevator and down to my car. “Great. I have no time for lunch. Drive thru again. Woo.” I grumble looking at the clock. I pull out of the parking garage and drive towards the studio, hoping to see a fast food restaurant.

"Yes! They have a Wendy’s." I think as I pull into the parking lot. 

"Hello. How may I help you?" a female voice asks as I pull up to the monitor. 

"Hi. Can I have a small water and a side salad with low fat Ranch?" I ask.

"Coming right up. That’ll be $4.61 at the next window." she says.

I drive up and hand her the money and she hands me the food. “Thank you!” I smile taking it.

"Shit. I didn’t think about eating a salad while driving." I mumble plopping the food in the passenger seat. I sip on my water until I get to the studio. I park and eat the salad as quickly as possible, glancing up at the clock every now and again.

"1:48." I throw the salad box back into the seat and grab my dance bag. I race into the building and change quickly. I slip on my shoes and start stretching until they call my name.

"Katie." a man with a clipboard opens the door and stands patiently waiting for me.

I stand up and walk through the door into a long hallway. He walks in front of me and leads me to a large dance room. I look around and there are two men and five familiar boys. 

"Hello, love." Liam smiles at me.

I stand there looking stunned.

"Is everything alright, babe?" Harry asks, standing up. 

"Erm, yeah. I just had no idea I was auditioning for you." I choke out starting to shake.

"Oh I’m sorry. This is for our music video. Can’t release the name yet though." Louis smiles.

"Okay, can we speed this up? We have lots to look at and we’re only choosing five." Paul rolls his eyes.

The clipboard guy turns on my familiar music and I lose all my nerves. I go full out and let out all of my adrenaline. I gracefully turn and move throughout the floor. Before I know it, the music’s over. 

I look over at the boys. All of their eyes are wide open and their mouths are dropped.

"How was that?" I ask nervously tugging on my leggings.

"That was… brilliant." Niall speaks first.

"You’re in. No questions asked." Paul says. 

I curtsy and walk out the room, pretending to be calm. I jog out of the building until I reach my car. I let out a scream. “I’m dancing for One Direction!”

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Harry & Katie… Louis & Nikka: Chapter 24

I feel Harry get out of the bed. I roll over and look up at him. “Oh did I wake you?” he asks. “No, I was already awake.” I whisper. He smiles and sits down next to me. “How’d you sleep?” he asks kissing my forehead. “Great! I’m actually getting adjusted to the time change already.” I grin. “I’m not.” he says rubbing his eyes. He stands up and walks out of the room. I stretch my sore arms and legs and follow him out. He plops down on the couch and flips on the TV. “Want some tea?” I ask walking to the kitchen. “Yes, black, please.” he groans. I reach for the kettle and fill it with water. I place it on the gas stove and turn on the burner. As it heats up, I grab two bowls and some Cherrios and pour them into the bowls. I get the milk and pour it on top and put spoons in each bowl. “Good morning.” I hear Nikka behind me. “I made some breakfast for you.” I smile and hand her a bowl. “Oh thanks!” she takes it and sets it on the bar and seats herself in front of it. I sit down next to her and start eating. “I’m so tired.” she moans. “Me too.” I grimace. “Time change sucks.” she sighs. I nod and hang my head over my cereal, exhausted. 

"Is the tea ready?" Harry slumps into the kitchen after we finish eating. The kettle starts to whistle. "Yes." I laugh. I stand up and walk to the kettle as he sits down. I pour the hot water into two mugs and place black tea bags into each one. I carry them over to our seats. "How do you feel about going to visit my mum in Holmes Chapel?" he asks sipping on his tea. "Sounds fun." I smile. "We should leave soon then." he says. "Does she even know we’re coming?" I ask. "No, but my defense league does." he laughs. "Oh so it’s a surprise." I wink. He smiles proud of himself. 

"We should pack." I frown as I finish up my tea. "Already done. We just have to change and leave." he smiles cheekily. "What a gentleman." I tease. "I know. Shall we shower?" he flirts. I nod and we walk to the bathroom holding hands. Harry takes his clothes off and then takes mine off for me. He turns on the shower and opens the door for me. I step in and he follows. I wash my hair and my body and he does the same. "We should go now." he says sadly. "We do this everyday. No need to fret." I giggle. He lets out a chuckle and turns the water off. I get out and dry off quickly. I put on a white collared shirt, cream lace shorts, sparkly sandals, a silver ring, and a silver infinity necklace. I wave my hair and braid part of my hair to the back.

"You look stunning." Harry says when I walk into the living room where he’s perched. "Thanks. You ready?" I ask. "Umm yeah. What’s the rush?" he asks. "Nothing. I just can’t wait to see her and tell her the news!" I grin. "Me either. She’ll be so surprised!" he chuckles.

A few fans wait outside our flat. We say a quick hello to them and load into the car with our luggage. “I hope you packed everything.” I say shutting the car door. “I did. Don’t worry.” he comforts me. He grabs my hand as he drives.

The ride takes about three hours, but we finally arrive at his house to the defense league. “There haven’t been any fans.” Sam shrugs as he helps drag the luggage out of the car. “Well good work then, lads.” Harry laughs. “I know.” Steven says sarcastically. “Is my mum inside?” Harry asks. “Yes. She came and gave us sandwiches.” Luke says. “Oh, lads. This is my wife, Katie. I don’t think you’ve met her.” Harry motions for me to come to him. I walk slowly and smile nervously. “Hi.” is all I say. “Hey!” they all shout. They introduce themselves as Sam, Steven, Henry, Luke, and Adam. I nod and smile. “Well we should get inside.” Harry pushes me towards the door. We walk in to see Anne sitting on the couch. “Hello! I wasn’t expecting you!” she jumps up and runs towards us, smiling and crying. “I missed you, mum.” Harry wraps her in a tight hug. “I missed you too, baby.” she smiles wiping her cheeks. “Hi, Anne.” I grin and hug her. “Hello, dear. I missed you! What a surprise!” she says letting go. “I know. Harry decided this morning to drive here.” I say. “He’s so spontaneous.” she smiles. He just shrugs with a big smile on his face. “I just made lunch! Are you hungry?” she asks. “Starved.” I say rubbing my tummy. “I made some hot sandwiches for the boys and I made extra.”  she says placing the sandwiches on plates and handing them to us. We sit down at the table and start eating. “What would you like to drink, love?” she asks me as she places water in front of Harry. “Lemonade if you have some.” I smile. “Of course.” she says and pours me a glass.

"Mum, we have something to tell you." Harry says after we’ve sit down on the couches. "Okay." she says nervously. "Katie recently discovered that she’s pregnant." he smiles. "Oh my gosh! Grandchildren! Oh this is so exciting!" she jumps up off the couch and wraps us both in an awkward hug. I laugh and Harry just rolls his eyes. "I’ll tell Robin when he gets home. He’s off visiting family for the next week." Anne frowns losing her excitement. "When are you due?" she asks changing the subject. "We don’t know. We haven’t been to the doctor yet." I say. "Oh you should go soon, love." she smiles. I nod. "Nikka’s pregnant too." Harry says. "Oh that’s so exciting! Best friends pregnant at the same time!" she swoons. 

"Thank you for dinner!" I say finishing my plate. "Of course!" she smiles. "We should go to bed. We’re still not used to the time change." Harry says. I nod and follow him to his old bedroom. "It’s fun being here. Where you grew up. It’s interesting." I say. "I haven’t been here in forever." he says opening the door. He walks in a little and looks around, taking everything in. "You okay, babe?" I ask coming up behind him. "Yeah. Just a lot of memories." he whispers. "Let’s get some sleep." I drop my clothes off and climb into his bed in just my bra and underwear. He does the same and crawls in next to me. We snuggle up and fall asleep.

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Harry & Katie… Louis & Nikka: Chapter 23

"Our flight is in a couple hours." Harry gently shakes me awake. I open my eyes. He hands me a cup of hot coffee made just the way I like it. "Thanks. I’ll start packing soon." I say sitting up and grabbing the coffee mug. I stand up and sip on the hot drink. I hear the shower turn on. I walk in the bathroom and put the mug on the counter. I take off my pajamas and join him. "What a nice surprise." he winks at me. "I know." I smile, washing my hair. 

I turn the water off when we’re done and step onto the bath mat. I dry myself off and throw my hair up in a messy bun. I put on some jeans and a Hollister hoodie and my white Converse. “You look cute.” Harry smiles at me. “Not really.” I groan. “I think you do.” he assures. He’s wearing a Jack Wills hoodie, jeans, and his white Converse. “We almost match.” I say. “Yes we do.” he grins. I walk into the bedroom and start emptying the closets of our clothes. Harry rolls the suitcases in and plops them on the bed. He starts taking the clothes off the hangers and putting the hangers back in the closet. I walk over and fold our clothes. “I don’t want to leave.” I whisper to myself. “I don’t want to either, but we have a life to get back to.” he says overhearing my words. “I know, but still. This was the best two weeks of my life.” I murmur. “We’ll still have fun.” he promises with a weak smile. I nod and continue packing. 

"The car is out front…" Harry says slowly. I nod and grab my purse and start rolling my suitcase towards the door. He follows me close behind with his own suitcase. I turn around and look around the hotel room one last time. I say a mental goodbye and walk out the door. "So many memories." I think. I lead the way to the car and push through the fans, not caring at the moment. Paul throws our suitcases in the trunk and we hop in. Everyone is already inside. Harry sees the pain in my eyes and puts me in his lap. Andy pretends not to care. "It’s okay." Harry whispers in my ear. I rest my head on his shoulder. "I don’t know why I’m so sad." I whimper. "I do. You found out about baby and we had a really good time here." he says. I bury my face in his neck and fall asleep for the long car ride to the airport. 

"We’re here." he whispers as we pull up to the airport. I get out of the car and wait for everyone to get out. Paul and Preston unload the suitcases from the back and everyone grabs their own. The airport’s security comes over and escorts us through the airport.

We’re the first ones to load the plane. Harry goes in first and motions for me to follow him. I grab his hand and he pulls me down the ramp. I touch the side of the plane for good luck out of habit and he continues leading me to the first class section. “Want the window seat?” he asks. “Sure.” I whisper. I seat myself and Harry sits beside me. “I hate seeing you like this.” he frowns. “I’ll be fine. I promise.” I smile weakly. “I love you so much.” he says and kisses me softly. “I love you too.” I say pulling away. I pull a magazine out of my purse and start flipping through it. I feel Harry’s eyes on me, but I don’t care. I see Liam and Niall sit on the opposite side of us out of the corner of my eye and then Zayn and Mandy behind them, Nikka and Louis behind us. I pretend not to notice and keep my attention on my magazine. I feel someone tap on my shoulder from behind. I look up and Louis is looking at me. “You alright, mate?” he asks concerned. “Yeah, just tired.” I lie. He nods and sits back down. Harry looks at me sadly. “What?” I ask. “Nothing. Just trying to think of a way to cheer you up.” he says weakly. “I’m sorry, babe. I’m really trying here.” I frown. He wraps his arm around me and pulls me close. I rest my head on his shoulder and just start sobbing. He wraps his other arm around me and lays his head on mine. I feel him start to cry with me until we fall asleep. 

"We are starting our descent into London at this time. Please turn off all electronics." a male voice wakes me up. Harry’s still sleeping. I untangle myself from him, careful not to wake him. I yawn and stretch myself out. I feel the plane start to drop. I pick my magazine up and start reading it again. After a while, Harry starts to wake up. "We’re descending, love." I whisper. He nods and sits himself straight up. I set my magazine down, watching him. He rubs his eyes and stretches his arms up. He pops his fingers and focuses on me. "That was nice." he chuckles. "Yes, it was." I smile. Harry grabs my hand as he sees me start to tense up as we get closer to landing. "It’s okay, babe." he comforts. I nod, gritting my teeth. The plane touches the ground and I let out a sigh of relief. 

We get to the car quickly and our luggage is already waiting for us in the back of the car. Paul drives us and Louis and Nikka back to our flat. We say goodbye to everyone and grab our luggage. “Oh it’s good to be home.” I sigh as we walk in the living room. “Let’s go to bed now.” Harry says dropping all his stuff on the floor. I drop my stuff too and we walk to the bedroom and just fall asleep in each other’s arms. 

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Harry & Katie… Louis & Nikka: Chapter 22

"How does he look?" Harry asks walking out of the bathroom. I turn around from my position on the couch as Niall trails up behind him and reveals himself. He’s wearing a white snapback, a grey band shirt, tan trousers, and white Converse. "You look like a stud." I wink at him. He grins nervously and plays with his fingers. "I dressed him." Harry smiles, looking pleased with himself. "Well, you did a good job, babe." I say. "Thanks." he says joining me on the couch. "Well… I guess I’m going now." Niall says slowly. "Good luck, mate." Harry says. Niall walks out of the room with his car keys jingling in his hand. "Do you think he’s gonna be okay?" I ask nervously. "He’ll be fine. So what do you want to do this evening?" Harry brushes off. "We should go to the grocery store and then cook something ourselves with Nikka and Lou." I smile. "Sounds fun. What do you wanna make?" he asks. "Spaghetti and meatballs." I grin. "Simple, but effective." he laughs. I giggle and stand up. "Where ya going?" Harry asks. "To the grocery store." I say slipping my pink heels on again. He stands up and puts on his usual Converse. He grabs my hand and we walk next door. 

"What?" Louis asks opening the door. "Nice to see you too, mate." Harry chuckles. "Sorry. What do you want?" Louis teases. "Wanna go to the grocery and then cook dinner with us? We’re making spaghetti and meatballs!" I smile. "No." he says. "Oh, Lou. Stop being a sassy pants." Nikka laughs walking up to the door, grabbing her bag. "We’re coming." she continues. Louis groans and puts on his shoes. We head down to the car with Preston at our side. We get in and buckle up. "I wonder how Niall’s date is going." Harry says. "Me too. She seemed lovely." I smile. "I agree, she was beautiful. She’d definitely be one of us." Nikka chimes in. "I don’t remember her." Louis says with a serious tone. "Really? She was the first girl." Harry says confused. "I don’t remember her at all." he says. Harry shrugs in response. 

"So what do we need?" Harry asks as we walk into the store. "Noodles, tomato sauce, and meatballs." I say. "So basically are we doing the easy version or something?" he asks. "Yes." I laugh. "Alrighty then." he chuckles grabbing a basket. We walk to the pasta aisle. "Which kind?" Louis asks. "The spaghetti one." I say pointing to the box. Louis grabs it and throws it into the basket. "Okay, where to now?" Harry asks. "Sauce!" Nikka says. We get to the aisle and she grabs a random brand of spaghetti sauce. "And meatballs." I say leading the way to the frozen section. I grab a bag of them and put them in the basket. "Okay we have to check out now." Nikka says. We walk to the self checkout and scan all of our food and pay. We grab the plastic bag and head back to the car. 

"Okay, boil some water for the pasta." I direct Louis and Nikka when we get back up to the room. Louis nods and fills a pot with water and sets it on the stove. "And we’ll put the meatballs in the oven and heat up the sauce." I grin at Harry. He nods and gets out a cookie sheet. I open the package of meatballs and spread a few on the sheet. He turns on the oven and sticks the pan in. I get a bowl out of the cabinet and dump some of the sauce into it. Harry picks it up and puts it in the microwave. I look over at Nikka and they’re dumping the noodles into the boiling water. The microwave beeps get my attention and Harry takes the bowl out and stirs it with a spoon. The oven beeps next and he pulls the pan out and sets it on the stove top to let it cool. Louis drains the water from the pasta. I hand Nikka four plates and she places the spaghetti on each one. She hands the plates to Harry and he ladles sauce onto them and I place a few meatballs on each plate. We each grab one and we head over to the table and start eating. "This is good." Louis moans with delight. "Good, I’m glad you like it." I smile. "My wife is an amazing cook." Harry beams. "It’s still hard to believe I’m your wife." I grin. "I know, it’s weird." he laughs. "I have a great wife too!" Louis pipes in. "Thank you, babe." Nikka giggles. 

As we finish our plates there’s knocking at the door. Louis gets up to answer it. He opens the door and Niall’s standing there. “How’d it go?” Nikka asks as he walks to us. “Great!” he shrieks. “Give us details!” I shout. Harry gets the cue and picks up the plates. He heads to the sink and starts washing the dishes and Louis dries them and puts them away. “Well we went to dinner and we just talked. She’s so down to Earth and funny. She eats as much as I do which is mental. She’s a dancer and she’s so kind.” Niall smiles like I’ve never seen him. “Anything happen?” I wink. “Yes. I kissed her…” he blushes. “How sweet!” Nikka says. “And I asked her to be my girlfriend…” he continues. “And?” I ask intrigued. “She said yes!” he shouts. “Oh my gosh! Congratulations, babe!” I jump up and give him a hug. “Thanks!” he beams. “What’d you guys do?” he asks. “We made a home cooked meal.” Nikka smiles proudly. “Fun. Well I’ve got to go. She asked me to call her tonight.” Niall smiles. “Have fun.” I smile sheepishly as he walks away. “I will.” he snaps his head back and laughs. “They’re so cute!” Nikka smiles. “I know!” I shriek. 

"We should be going now." Louis waves Nikka towards the door. "Good night!" I wave as Harry walks over to me. "Let’s go to bed. I’m exhausted." he whispers. "Me too." I say hugging him. He kisses me softly. We walk to the bedroom and I dress in my favorite Pink pajamas. Harry strips like he usually does and we crawl into bed together. We face each other. He pulls me in and I rest my head on his stretched out arm and fall asleep.

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Harry & Katie… Louis & Nikka: Chapter 21

The club is hot. Sweaty bodies are everywhere, grinding upon one another. The floor is sticky from drinks being spilled on the floor. The speakers are blasting techno music. “I’m having a great time!” I shout in Harry’s ear over the loud music. “Me too!” he shouts back, pulling my body in closer to his as we grind our hips against each other’s. I see Nikka out of the corner of my eye. “Hold on. I need to go to the bathroom.” I shout. He nods. I walk over to Nikka and grab her hand. I pull her in the direction of the bathroom. “What’s going on?” she asks confused as the door slams shut. “Nothing. I just needed to air out and I hate going to the bathroom alone. It feels awkward.” I say lifting my arms up and letting the air dry them. “Oh.” she says doing the same thing. I wipe the sweat from my upper lip and reapply lip gloss. I hand Nikka the tube and I wash my hands. “Do you like it here?” I ask drying my hands. “Honestly, no. There’s too many people and it’s so hot.” she says fanning herself. “I kind of feel the same way. I love dancing with Harry, but it’s so hot.” I say opening the door for her. She nods and walks back to Louis and I go back to Harry. “Hey, babe.” I smile, returning to our previous position. 

"Are you ready to go?" Harry leans into my ear. "Yeah." I shout. He grabs my hand and pulls me to the door. Louis and Nikka are there waiting. "You ready?" Louis asks. I see him grip Nikka’s hand tighter and Harry does the same to mine. Louis takes the lead and pushes through the paparazzi and we get to the car. Preston opens the door and keeps everyone back. "Stop being so famous. Gosh." I tease, buckling my seatbelt. "Excuse me." Louis does a sassy hand gesture. I let out a few giggles. 

We pull up to the hotel and a few fans are outside. “Let’s just get inside.” Preston says. We all nod. We start walking to the door. “Excuse me, Katie.” I hear a voice say. I look around and find the girl who’s mouth it came from. She’s no older than ten and she’s wearing a pink polo dress. “Can I get a picture with you?” she asks looking at her feet nervously. “Of course.” I smile. “No, Katie. We have to go to the room.” Preston protests. “I want to take a picture with her.” I say sternly. I pose with her and her mom takes a picture. “Thank you.” she beams. “You are so welcome, love.” I grin grabbing Harry’s hand. “That was sweet what you did there.” Harry says as we step into the hotel lobby. “She just wanted a picture.” I blush. “Well… Yes, but you stood up against Preston to do it.” he says staring at me. “It was nothing.” I say. “That’s what I love about you.” he says as we step into the elevator. I listen to the soft music in the elevator, slowly swaying.

The elevator dings as we reach our floor. The doors open and Harry scoops me up and carries me to our room. “What was that for?” I ask as he sets me on the ground and the door slams shut. “Nothing.” he winks. I sneak away to the bedroom and change into some sweats. I turn the light off and crawl into bed. Harry comes in the room. “What are you doing, babe? Party isn’t over.” he says. “I tired. I go sleep now.” I say in a baby voice. “No you’re not!” he pounces on me. “No! Harry!” I laugh uncontrollably. He pulls off his clothes and starts kissing me passionately. Our tongues dancing and our hands gliding over each other’s skin. 

I roll over in bed and open my eyes. Harry is still sleeping. He looks like an angel. I sit up and see my clothes are all over the room. “Wow. We made a mess.” I whisper to myself. Harry’s eyelids flutter open. “Sorry did I wake you?” I whisper. “Yes, but I don’t mind.” he smiles half asleep. I get out of the bed and head to the bathroom and get in the shower. He joins me a few minutes later. We get out and I change into a baby pink dress, a black belt, a pink jacket with the sleeves rolled up, and a dainty ring. I put on some matching baby pink heels and I leave my hair natural and put on a little makeup. “Let’s do a spontaneous meet and greet!” I shriek, suddenly conjuring up the idea. “That sounds great! Let me call, Paul.” Harry smiles. I head to the kitchen while he’s on the phone and I start brewing the coffee. I get out two bowls and pour my Lucky Charms cereal into the bowls and add milk. I stick a spoon in each one and set them on the table. The coffeemaker beeps and I pour it into two mugs. I add the two sugars to Harry’s coffee and the three in mine with a little bit of creamer. I set them on the table and sit down. He comes out of the bedroom with a big smile on his face. “He said that’s a good idea and we should go to the park and do it. I already called the boys and they are ready.” he grins, sitting down. “Oh yay!” I shout. 

Fans are already lined up by the time we get to the park. The boys all wave at the fans and they start screaming. “Whoa.” I hear Niall breathe next to me as the first girl walks up to us. “What?” I whisper. “You are so beautiful, babe. What’s your name?” he asks as she walks over to him. “Awh thank you! My name’s Kate!” she squeals. She hands him her album for him to sign it and we take our picture. “Might I get your number?” Niall asks as Kate turns to walk away. “Of course.” she beams, pulling out paper and a pen from her purse. She quickly scribbles down the numbers and hands it to him and walks away. “Katie, will you keep this? I’ll lose it.” he whispers, giving me the paper. I nod and stick it in my purse. 

"Hi!" an excited group of girls screech as they come over to us. "Hello!" Harry shouts. The girls jump up and down with excitement and start passing their album around. The boys all sign it and they quickly take a picture. One of the girls hands me book. "What’s this?" I smile taking it. "It has pictures of you and Harry and our favorite quotes and song lyrics." she says. "Oh thank you, love!" I shriek and give her a big hug. She blushes and scurries away. I set it behind me in one of the boxes and focus back on all the fans. The line keeps getting longer and longer. "Andy, can that be the end of the line? This is getting out of hand." I whisper in his ear. "Sure thing." he says and marches to the end of the line to block it off. I smooth down my dress and watch all the fans meet my husband. I feel terrible for crushing the dreams of some girls marrying him. "You okay, honey?" Nikka asks walking over to me. "Yeah, fine." I grin. "How’s baby?" "He’s fine." she smiles. "He?" I ask beaming. "I have a feeling it’s gonna be a he." she says glowing. 

"Niall, you need to stop texting, Kate." Liam says grabbing his phone from his hand. "I like her, Liam!" he whines. "Your food is getting cold and you don’t even care. What’s going on with you, mate?" Liam asks. "Nothing. I just really like her. A lot more than I should." he says crossing his arms. Liam hands him back the phone. Niall has a look like he just won a gold medal. "What’s she like?" Nikka asks leaning in. "She’s beautiful and smart and nice and she likes to eat and she’s beautiful." he says dreamily. "Niall’s got himself a bird!" Zayn shouts. "Shut up!" Niall blushes looking down. His phone buzzes and he returns his attention to it. "Have you asked her on a date?" I ask. "Yes." he grins.

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Harry & Katie… Louis & Nikka: Chapter 20

"Do you want to get ready for bed, babe?" Harry gently shakes me awake. I open my eyes. The room is dark except for the glowing light from my laptop. "What time is it?" I ask groggily. "Midnight." he says helping me sit up. "Will you help me?" I ask putting on my puppy dog face. He smiles and goes to the closet. He brings me a pair of pajamas and he helps me take off my clothes and get into them. "Thanks." I kiss him. "Let’s brush your teeth." he laughs picking me up. He carries me to the bathroom and sets me on my feet. I wash my makeup off with a wipe, brush my teeth, and take out my contacts. Harry holds out his arms and I hop into them. He carries me to the bed and sets me down and crawls in next to me. He wraps his arm around me and I rest my head on his chest. I drift asleep to his even breathing.

Loud knocking wakes me up. “Louis.” Harry groans and gets out of bed. I roll over and try to fall back asleep. “What?” I hear Harry snap as he opens the door. “It’s time to get up!” he shouts. “It is seven in the morning, Lou.” he whines. “We only have a few days left, mate. We got to make the most of them.” Louis says. “Yeah, yeah.” Harry says and shuts the door. I feel Harry crawl back in bed. “Ugh I can’t get back to sleep.” I moan, rolling back over towards him. “Me either.” he whispers. “I’m so tired.” I cry. He pulls me in close and we slowly drift back to sleep. 

My eyes flutter open. I glance at the clock, almost eleven. “Better get up.” I whisper to myself. I carefully untangle myself from Harry’s big arms and get out of bed. I tiptoe out of the room to the bathroom. I take off my clothes. I step in the shower and turn the water on. I wash my hair and I wash my body with a hot pink loofah. When I’m done, I just stand there and let the hot water run over my body. I turn off the water and get out and dry off. I dress myself in a loose peach t-shirt, a striped skirt, and yellow and pink neon heels. I go to my jewelry box and load on lots of bracelets and put on a few necklaces. I wave my hair and put on a touch of makeup. Harry opens the door with a tired face. “You look gorgeous, love.” he smiles. “You say that everyday.” I giggle. “I mean it every time I say it.” he says opening his arms. I walk into them and he hugs me for a long time. “What’s up with you?” I ask pulling away. “Nothing. I just love waking up knowing you’re my wife.” he kisses my nose and goes into the shower. I walk out of the bathroom and grab my purse. I go to Nikka and Louis’ room. I knock and Nikka opens the door dressed in a lace top with high-waisted tan shorts, a studded belt, some chunky bracelets,  a bib necklace, and hot pink pumps. “You look fabulous!” I smile and hug her. “Thanks! What’s up?” she asks inviting me in. I walk in and turn to her as she closes the door. “We should grab some lunch with Mandy and Sam.” I say. “Sure.” she smiles grabbing her black clutch. We head out the door and go to Mandy’s room. “Hey.” she says opening the door with Sam right behind her. “Lunch?” Nikka asks. “Sure.” she says. We all walk down to the car and get in. “Where to?” Andy asks. “Nando’s!” Nikka and I shout. 

"We’re here." Andy says getting out and opening our doors for us. "Thank you." I smile. He nods. Paparazzi greets us a few seconds later and snaps pictures. Andy pushes them away and fans start to show up. We run inside. "Hi! Welcome to Nando’s!" a man smiles as we walk up to the counter. "Hi. Can we have four grilled lemon and herb wraps?" I ask. "That’ll be right up." he says. I hand him the money and we go to an empty table. A few young girls walk over. "Hey." I smile. "Hi. We love you!" one of the girls gleams, shaking. "Awh thanks, love." Nikka says. "Can we have your autographs and take a picture?" another girl asks. "Sure." Mandy says taking her piece of paper and a pen. We all take turns signing their papers and then we pose for a picture with them. "Thank you!" the youngest girl says and hugs me. "Oh you’re welcome, darling." I smile. They walk away and a worker brings us our food. We smile and say thank you and he walks away. We all dig into our food. "Good right?" Nikka asks. "Very." Sam says biting into her wrap. "Niall raves about this place, so we thought we’d try it." I say. "We know." Mandy rolls her eyes. "Well then Miss Sassy." I tease. She scowls and focuses her attention on her food. "I know it’s kind of early but any wedding plans yet?" I ask Sam. "Actually we set a date." she gleams. "When!" Nikka shrieks. "October 8th! I don’t know why, I just wanted a fall wedding." she giggles. "We’ll be there." I smile and look at Nikka. She nods in agreement. I feel my phone buzz. "Harry’s calling." I say. I answer. "Hello?" I ask. "Where are you?" he asks. "At lunch with the girls. Why?" I ask. "Umm, you didn’t tell me you were leaving. Sorry." he says slowly. "Oh I’m sorry, babe. I thought I did. Must’ve just thought it and not said it." I apologize. "Oh it’s fine. See you soon. I love you, Katie." he says. "I love you too." I say and hang up. "I forgot to tell him where I was." I chuckle. "Nice one." my sister laughs. 

"Hey babe." I shout walking into the room. "Hey!" he smiles from the kitchen. "Whatcha makin’?" I ask setting down my bag. "Tea." he says handing me one. "Thanks." I say sipping on the hot drink. "What do you want to do today?" he asks. "I don’t know. Whatever you want." I smile. "I’ve been wanting to go clubbing." he says slowly. "Okay, let’s go tonight." I grin. "Want to invite Lou and Nikka?" he asks. I nod, taking of my heels. "Those hurt." I frown. "I bet. Want a foot massage?" he winks. "Sure." I say and plop down on the couch. He seats himself on the floor and starts rubbing my feet. "Thank you, babe." I smile. "You’re welcome, love." he flashes his dimples. 

"We should leave in about an hour." Harry says while we watch TV. "Okay I’ll go get ready." I say getting up. I go to the closet and put on a white dress with a black and white detailing on the bust and I slip on some black pumps. I wave my hair again and put on darker makeup. I spray on some perfume. "Woah." Harry breathes. "What?" I ask. "You look so hot." he winks. "Thanks. You don’t look too bad yourself." I smile. He’s wearing a white t-shirt and his black jeans with red Converse. "Shall we?" he asks reaching out his hand. I grab it and follow him out. We meet Nikka and Louis in the hallway and go down to the car.

"Ready for a fun night?" Louis winks as we pull up to the club. "Yes!" Nikka gleams. "Let’s do this." Harry smiles.

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Harry & Katie… Louis & Nikka: Chapter 19

"I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this." I whisper quietly to myself. Harry’s eyes open. "Get used to what?" he asks. "Waking up next to you." I smile. "Me either." he flashes a cheeky smile. "Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up, babe." I say. "Oh I was already mostly awake anyways." he yawns. I stretch myself out and grab my MacBook Pro and set it on my lap. "What are you doing?" he asks sitting himself up and scooting to look over my shoulder. "I need to check all my social networks. I haven’t in weeks." I shrug. He continues watching me while I log into Facebook. "Oh man. A lot of notifications, messages, and friend requests." I sigh and scroll through people’s posts. I start replying to the messages. "You know you don’t have to do that right?" Harry says. "I know, but when I was a fan I would’ve wanted you to reply to me." I smile. "I never once responded to you?" he asks. "Not one time." I say focusing on a long message. He gets up from the bed and walks to the kitchen. He turns on the coffee maker and seats himself on the couch and turns on the television. After I finish accepting all my friend requests, replying to all the messages, and liking comments, I log into my Twitter. "Holy crap! 3,427 mentions… Oh man." I whisper harshly. I start replying, retweeting, and following all the Directioners. 

"Babe, are you still replying to people?" Harry asks bewildered. "Yeah, why?" I shrug. "You’ve been doing this for three hours. You need to stop." he walks over and pushes my laptop closed. "But… I want to reply to all the fans!" I snap. "They know you love them. You need some time for your friends, your family, and me." he says. "Fine." I push the computer off my lap and cross my arms.

"Want to get some lunch with everyone?" he asks calmly. "Yes… I’m starving." I whisper. "Come here, love." he offers his hand and pulls me up off the bed. He leads me to the shower and we rinse off together. I dry myself off and put on a yellow dress, red and white wedges, brown earrings, a yellow bangle, and a brown clutch. I wave my hair and put on my makeup. I walk into the bedroom and I see him staring into the closet. He turns to look at me. "You look stunning." Harry smiles. "Thanks." I grin. "Erm… Help me pick something out." he frowns returning his attention to the closet. I pick out a navy Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt and a pair of plaid shorts. "Here you go." I smile handing him the clothes. "Thanks, doll." he grins taking the clothes. He heads to the bathroom. I spray some of my Alien perfume on which I know is Harry’s favorite and I check my phone. Nada. Just messages from Twitter saying people followed me. Harry makes his way out of the bathroom. "You smell amazing." he smiles at me. "Your favorite." I say. He winks and we leave the room. We head to the car with Preston at our side. "Where is everybody?" Harry asks. "They’re already there. They left early." he says. 

"Hey, lads." Harry smirks as he walks into the cafe. "Hello, mate." Louis smiles and pats the empty chair next to him inviting him to sit down. Harry skips over and sits. I walk in trying to take off my sunglasses, but they keep getting caught in my hair. "Let me help you." Nikka laughs at the sunglasses hanging by my face. I walk over and sit next to her. "Thanks." I frown sarcastically. "Got it." she smiles and hands them to me. I laugh pathetically and stick them in my purse. Harry moves to sit by me. "Woah." Louis gives me a death glare. "Sorry, babes." I laugh. He gives me a sassy face and looks away. Harry chuckles as the waiter walks over to us. "Can I get you something to drink?" he asks. "A diet Coke please." I smile. "And for you?" he turns his attention to Harry. "Same." he says. The waiter walks away and returns after a few moments with our drinks. "Thank you." I say as he places the soda. "What can I get you to eat?" he asks politely. "Did everyone already order?" I ask confused. Everyone nods. "Well that was rude. I’ll have the grilled chicken with the grilled vegetables, please." I hand him the menu. "I’ll have the chicken cordon bleu sandwich with chips." Harry says. The waiter nods and leaves the table. I look around the table and see Sam and Josh. I wave them over to come sit with me. "Hey!" I smile. "Hey, hon." Sam says. "What’s been going on with you? I haven’t seen you since the signing!" I grin. "Well, we have some news to tell everyone actually." she says. They stand up and tap their glasses. Everyone turns their attention to them. "We have an announcement." Josh says. "We’re engaged!" Sam shrieks and holds up her finger. The ring shines in the light. "Oh my gosh! Congratulations guys!" Nikka smiles. "I’m so happy for you both! It’ll be like having another sister!" I say hopping up to give Sam a hug. "Thanks!" she gleams sitting back down. Waiters bring everyone’s food and places it in front of them. Everyone eats and has conversation with everyone else. "Anything new?" Sam asks me biting into her sandwich. "Yes actually. I’m pregnant." I say. "Dude, that’s awesome! Congratulations!" she smiles and hugs me in our chairs. "Thanks! I’m pretty happy." I flash my dimples. "You should be, love." she says. 

We all finish eating and say goodbye even though we all are staying at the same hotel. “Bye, Liam.” I hug him and kiss his cheeks. “Bye, babe.” he smiles at me. “I gotta talk to you, mate.” Niall says as I hug him. “Okay, come by the room later.” I say confused. He nods and walks out the door. “Can you guys get married already?” I laugh as Zayn and Mandy walk over hold hands. “I wish. She’s not eighteen yet.” Zayn sighs. “I will be soon enough.” she smiles and kisses him. “I’m glad they look okay.” I whisper to Harry as we turn to leave. “Me too.” he whispers back. We get into the car and Preston drives us back to the hotel. 

"What now?" Harry asks as we plop down on the couch. "Niall wanted to talk to me." I say slowly. "What for?" he asks. "I have no idea. He just told me he needed to talk to me when I was hugging him." I shrug. "I’ll go tell him you can talk to him and I’ll go hang out with Liam." he stands up and walks out the door. I kick off my shoes and lay my purse down on the table. I stretch out across the couch and wait for Niall. "Hi." he says walking in the door. "Hey, hon. What’s going on?" I ask confused. He walks over and sits next to me "Bella broke up with me." he breaks out in tears. "Why?" I frown. "I told her about Mandy and she ended things." he rests his head in his hands. I scoot close to him and pull him into a hug. "It’s so hard seeing her with Zayn now. I don’t know what to do." he continues sobbing. I hug him tighter. "Babe, it’s okay. Everything’s going to be fine." I whisper. "I’m not mad at Zayn or anything, I just feel horrible about losing both of them at the same time." he starts heaving with tears. "Niall, babe, listen to me. You’re going to find the right girl for you. I promise. She’ll be well worth the wait and she’ll be amazing. Trust me." I coo. He nods and I continue hugging him until his tears subside. "Thanks for this." he smiles weakly as I hand him a tissue. "You’re welcome." I smile, rubbing his back. "Want some ice cream? Harry just bought some." I say. "Sounds good, but no thanks. I need to go take a nap." he sniffles. He stands up and walks out the door. "Cool it’s me by myself again." I say to myself. I go back to the bedroom and get on my computer. I start tweeting people back and I go on Facebook and reply to everyone. "This is gonna take a long time." I sigh.

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Harry & Katie… Louis & Nikka: Chapter 18

"So, erm… basically, you mean to say she likes Niall not Zayn?" Harry asks as I finish telling him about Mandy. "No, she still loves Zayn, but she likes Niall and she cheated on Zayn." I say trying to clear things up. He looks at me puzzled. "I heard my name. What’s going on?" Mandy asks walking in the room. "We’re just talking about your predicament." I sigh. "I’m going to stay with Zayn and not tell him. Niall already knows." she says. "Are you sure that’s what you want?" Harry asks slowly. "Yes." she smiles confidently. "Alright then." I say exasperated. She turns on her heel and leaves. Harry holds his arms open and I don’t hesitate to walk into them. "Want some dinner?" he asks resting his head on mine. "Can it just be me and you?" I whisper. "Of course." he says. I let go and look up at him. He smiles. I stand on my toes and kiss him gently. I turn and walk into the bedroom to change with him following. 

I dress in a loose cream tank, a tan cardigan, jean shorts, and ballet flats. I touch up my hair and makeup. Harry wears a striped Jack Wills shirt, white shorts, a black belt, and his white Converse. “Wow.” Harry breathes when I walk out of the bathroom. “What?” I ask quietly looking down at my clothes. “You look… Beautiful.” he says slowly. My cheeks get warm and I look down, smiling. He wraps me up in a hug and kisses my hair. “You smell good.” I feel him smile. “You do too.” I say taking a deep whiff of his cologne. “Shall we?” he lets go and offers his hand. I nod and take his hand. We head down to the car and Harry gets in the driver’s seat. “No security?” I ask stepping in. “Nope. I have permission by the way, Miss GetAway.” he winks. “Oh, I’m guessing you heard we got Mandy without them huh?” I say quietly. “Yup.” he laughs. 

We pull up to the beach as it gets dark. “I thought we were going to dinner?” I ask confused. “We are.” he says grabbing my hand. He leads me down to the sand and there’s a table set up with torches around it. “Woah.” I whisper. Harry hears me and smiles. He pulls my chair out and I sit down. I scoot myself in as he seats himself. “This is amazing.” I say. “I’m glad you like it.” he smiles. A waiter appears and pours water into our glasses. “We have a waiter too?” I ask quietly as he walks away. “Yes.” Harry laughs as the waiter returns with plates of Mexican food. “Tacos!” I shriek. “We love tacos.” Harry smiles. “Yes, we do.” I giggle. I pick up my taco and take a bite, the crunchy shell and melty cheese dance around on my taste buds. “Yum.” I moan. “Having sex with your food again?” he teases. I wink and laugh. 

We finish our food. “Thank you so much, love. This was amazing.” I smile. “I’m glad you liked it.” he says. Soft music starts to play. “What’s this?” I ask. “Would you like to dance?” he stands up and offers his hand. I grab it and he pulls me up. We walk towards the water. We take off our shoes and step in the waves. He grabs my waist and pulls me close. We start to dance. I rest my head on his chest as we sway. “I want to have a baby.” Harry whispers. I step back and look up at him. “Are you serious?” I ask grinning. “Yes.” he smiles gently. I jump into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist. “I love you so much.” I whisper in his ear. “I love you too. And I’m going to love our child.” he smiles. Harry puts me down and we start to dance in the waves again. “This has been one of the best nights of my life.” I say. “What are your others?” he asks. “When you proposed, our wedding, and our first date.” I smile. “Me too.” he rests his head on mine. We dance until the sun starts to rise. “We should get back.” he frowns. “Yeah, we should.” I sigh. Harry sweeps me off my feet and carries me bridal style back to the car. He sets me down and opens and closes my door for me. He hops in the driver’s side. He starts the car and we drive slow back to the hotel, not wanting our night to end. 

"I don’t feel good." I whimper when we pull into the parking lot. "What’s wrong?" Harry asks worried. "I feel nauseous." I whine. "Wait, you feel nauseous?" he smiles. "Yeah… Oh my gosh! I feel nauseous! Let’s not get our hopes up though." I shriek. He nods and carries me to the hotel. As soon as he puts me down, I can’t hold it in anymore. I race to the bathroom and throw up. "Oh I feel better now." I say as he walks in. "You okay?" he asks uncomfortably. "Yeah, you can leave. I know throw up makes you nauseous." I wave him out. He nods and walks away. I feel more coming up my throat. It burns. I face the toilet and let more come out. I stand up and flush. I brush my teeth and hop it the shower. Harry doesn’t join me. 

"Why didn’t you come in?" I ask stepping into the living room in a bathrobe. He’s not there. I look around the hotel room and can’t find him. I change into some sweats and go next door. I knock. "Have you guys seen Harry?" I ask as Louis answers the door. "No, why?" he yawns. "I just took a shower and he was gone." I say, starting to feel panic. "Go to Preston and Andy’s rooms." he shuts the door. 

Preston opens the door, “Yeah?” he asks. “Do you know where Harry is?” I ask desperately. “Yeah, Andy took him to the store for something.” he says and shuts the door. I feel relief and walk back to the room. I make myself a bowl of Lucky Charms and sit down on the balcony. I watch the cars on the highway drive back and forth. I finish my cereal. I curl up in my chair and fall asleep. 

"Babe, wake up." I feel someone shake me. "Wha?" I ask. "I got you a test." Harry whispers. "Oh." I yawn. He helps me up and hands me the box. I walk to the bathroom and pee on the stick. I walk out and he’s already pacing. "Babe, we still have ten minutes." I say nonchalant. He stops pacing and wraps me in a hug. He doesn’t let go for the whole ten minutes. "Okay, it’s done." I unravel myself from his strong arms. I look at the stick. Two lines. Two lines… "I’M PREGNANT!" I shout. I run into Harry and leap up on him immediately. I kiss him long and hard. "This is amazing!" he yells. He grabs my hand and we race next door. "We’re pregnant!" he shouts in Louis’ face. I run under Louis’ arm that’s holding the door open and hug Nikka. "I’m pregnant!" I smile. "No freaking way! Congratulations! We can be pregnant together!" Nikka starts shrieking and smiling and laughing. I hug her tight and we jump up and down. "Pregnant best friends. I can’t believe it!" I laugh. "Me either!" she smiles. 

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Harry & Katie… Louis & Nikka: Chapter 17

My eyelids flutter open. I see Harry next to me, still sleeping. I watch him, his slow deep breathing and his curly hair, spread out on the pillow. I gently kiss his nose and his eyes open slowly. “Good morning.” he says in his deep slow voice. “Good morning.” I smile. “What’s the plan for today?” he yawns. “Mandy flies in this afternoon, so I was thinking we could just go to the pool with the boys and Nikka.” I say. He nods and shuts his eyes, still trying to wake up. I get up and go to the kitchen. “What day is it? I lost track of time.” I think and glimpse at the calendar. “August 2nd” it reads. “Only six more days.” I sigh. I pour water into the kettle and put it on the heat. I get out a couple tea bags and lean myself against the counter waiting for the water to heat. Harry walks out the bedroom, still naked. “Put some clothes on.” I laugh. “I need to breathe.” he chuckles. I let out a giggle. The kettle starts to scream behind me. I pour the hot water into two mugs. I put a teabag in each and I hand one to Harry. “Thanks, love.” he flashes a smile. I nod walking over to the couch. He follows me close behind.

I turn on the TV and the music channel is on. ‘Kiss Me’ starts playing. “I love this song.” Harry hums along. “I do too, but it makes me feel sad.” I frown, setting down my cup. Harry sets his next to mine and pulls me onto his lap. He sways and sings to me. “Kiss me like you wanna be loved.” he sings softly. I shut my eyes and lay my head on his chest. He continues singing quietly in my ear and swaying. “I’m in love now.” he whispers. A tear falls down my cheek. He lifts my face up and sees my tears. He continues singing and wipes them from my cheek. The song ends and he kisses me. His soft lips gently pressing on mine. “I love you.” he whispers. “I love you too.” I sigh with tears still coming from my eyes. “Don’t cry.” he frowns. “I’m sorry.” I say as Harry wipes them from my eyes. He hands me my tea and I drink it quickly. “I’m ready for the pool.” I smile. “Me too.” he says, finishing his own. I get off of his lap and run to the bedroom and slip on my floral Hollister bikini and put my Victoria’s secret lace cover up on top. I grab my Ray Bans aviators and I meet Harry at the door. He’s wearing simple blue shorts. “You look lovely.” Harry winks. “Thanks.” I grin. We head into the hallway and get in the elevator. “Where is the pool?” I ask. “The roof.” he says as he pushes the button.

We step out of the elevator and walk to the doors. A man hands us towels and opens the door for us. “Thank you.” I smile and walk through. The sun beats down. I glance around. Nikka and Louis are already in the water. They see us and wave. I wave back. Harry finds two empty lounge chairs and we set our towels down. I take my cover up off and jump in the water. I swim over to them. Harry walks around to the stairs and gets in. “Baby.” I tease. “Hey, I just didn’t wanna splash people. That’s rude.” he laughs. “So what time does Mandy get in?” Nikka asks. “Noon. She wants just us to meet her though.” I shrug. “Why?” she asks. “I don’t know. She texted me last night and told me that.” I say. “Oh. What are you boys gonna do?” she asks. “We could go golfing.” Harry suggests. “Sounds fun.” Louis says. “Okay. Who’s up for volleyball?” Nikka grins. Louis asks one of the pool boys to set up the net for us.  ”You and Katie against me and Harry.” Louis smirks. “You know we’re gonna win.” I smile high fiving Nikka. Harry serves to me and I smack it back. The ball hits the water. “1 to 0.” I grin, serving. It hits the water again. “You guys aren’t very good.” Nikka laughs. “2 to 0.” I say serving again. Louis hits it and goes against the net and smacks him in the face. “Ow that really hurt!” he moans, rubbing his forehead. Harry is splashing around laughing. Nikka swims over and kisses his head. “Better?” she soothes. “Yeah.” he smiles and kisses her. She swims back. “3 to 0.” I serve. Harry hits it over and Nikka spikes it. “Nice!” I high five her. 

I get out to check the time. Almost eleven. “Nikka, we should probably get ready.” I wave her out. “It’s already eleven?” Harry frowns. “I’m sorry, love. We can continue tomorrow if you want.” I try to smile. “Okay. But you’re going down tomorrow.” he winks. “In your dreams.” I say putting my cover up on and slipping my flip flops on. Nikka links arms with me and we head to our rooms. 

I shower quickly and put on a floral tank, jean shorts, a brown belt, and brown flip flops. I straighten my hair and put on a little makeup. I grab my tan purse and knock on Nikka’s door. She opens it and she’s wearing a red and white striped tank, a black lace skirt, a white cardigan, red sandals, and a black purse. “You look so cute!” I smile. “Thanks! So do you!” she grins. We walk down to the car. I get in the driver’s side. “Are we going without security?” Nikka asks nervously seating herself in the passenger seat. “Yes, we’ll be fine.” I comfort. 

We sit and wait in the lobby. A few fans recognize us and we take a few pictures. I see Mandy with tons of luggage. I wave. She starts walking faster. I run and wrap her in a tight hug. “I missed you.” I smile. “I missed you too. Can we go to lunch? I have to tell you guys something.” she says. “Sure.” I say helping her with some of her bags. We head out to the car and drive to a little cafe. 

"So what’s going on?" I ask as we wait for our food. "Well… Niall and I have been talking a lot. Like calling and skyping and texting." she says wringing her hands. "What about Zayn?" Nikka asks taking the hint. "I don’t know! I still love him, but Niall and I had an affair right before I left." she frowns. "What kind of affair?" I ask nervously. "We just made out, but still. I cheated." she whispers. The waiter appears and hands us each our sandwiches. "Thank you." I say and he leaves. "So what are you going to do?" I ask. "I don’t know. I think Zayn would dump me if I told him anyways so I was thinking I’ll just tell him and date Niall." she says. "But Zayn will have to see you all the time with Niall. That’ll hurt him. It could break the band up." Nikka says. "What did I do then?" she says tears forming. "Keep it a secret for now." I say. 

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Harry & Katie… Louis & Nikka: Chapter 16

I open my eyes. The hotel room is still dark and Harry is snoring next to me. I look at the clock. “Great. It’s only three. That’s what I get for falling asleep early.” I think. I slowly stand up, careful not to wake Harry. I tiptoe out of the bedroom and softly close the door. I turn the light on and walk to the kitchen. I open the fridge. Milk. “I want some cereal.” I whisper quietly to myself as I set the milk on the counter. My phone buzzes on the table. “Hey, you up? Need someone to talk to. - Nikka” the text reads. “Yep. Come on over. I’ve got cereal.” I text back. I go to the door and unbolt it quietly. I open it so Nikka won’t have to knock. I see her in the hall. “Hey.” she whispers. “Hey.” I whisper back. We tiptoe into the room. “I’m starving.” she says quietly. “Me too. I’ve got Lucky Charms thanks to Niall.” I grin, getting out two bowls from the cabinet. I pour the cereal in and pour the milk on top. “So what’s up?” I ask sticking spoons in the bowls. “I’m nervous, that’s all.” she says walking over to the little table. “About what?” I ask following her. “The baby. What if something happens to it or Lou decides he doesn’t want to be a father and leaves? I keep thinking of all these scenarios and it’s driving me crazy.” she starts to cry. “Lou is not going to leave you. He loves you so much and he’s going to love your little baby too. Honestly, though, if you’re worried, talk to him about it. Make sure he’s going to stay with you through everything.” I whisper. “Thanks.” she smiles. “Any time.” I say. “Is there anything you want to talk about?” she asks. “Well… I dunno.” I start. “Tell me.” she says. “I just, I want a baby too. I told Harry and he said he doesn’t want one right now.” I whimper. “Why doesn’t he want one?” she asks, frowning. “He said he’s in the prime of his career and doesn’t want to jeopardize that.” I sigh. “Wow. It’s not like his life would end. He’d just have another person to love.” Nikka says. “Yeah. It’s whatever. I’ll get over it.” I shrug. “Oh, honey.” she stands up to give me a hug. “I love you, boo.” I whisper. “I love you too.” she says sitting back down. “Wanna eat our cereal on the couch and watch TV?” I ask. “Sure.” she says picking up her bowl. We sit down and watch some random reality show. I finish my cereal and I fall asleep on Nikka’s lap.

"Good morning, sunshine! The world says hello!" I hear Nikka shout in my ear. I sit up quickly, startled. "You scared me." I yawn. "Sorry." she laughs. "Where’s Harry?" I ask. "Still sleeping. Wanna have a girl’s day?" she smiles. "Sure." I say stretching. "We can leave a note." she says getting up. I nod and go to the bathroom. I hop in the shower. 

I get out of the shower and walk to the closet. I pick out a gray Hollister tank top, jean shorts, and flip flops. I go to my jewelry box and pick out a pretty ring and my favorite Chanel necklace. I scrunch my hair and put on a little makeup. I walk out and Nikka’s sitting on the couch waiting for me. “You look so cute!” she says turning around to look at me. “Thanks! You look gorgeous!” I smile looking at her outfit. She’s wearing a white quarter length shirt, turquoise shorts, a brown belt, a brown scarf, brown sandals, a cute purse, and some really cute brown bangles. She does a little curtsey and laughs. I grab my purse and we head out the door. “Did you write the note?” I ask as we step in the elevator. “I did.” she smiles. 

We get to the car and Preston is waiting inside. Nikka and I chat about random things until we get to the mall. We step out and a few fans recognize us. We take pictures and sign autographs. “We just made their day.” I smile. “I love the feeling.” Nikka says. I nod in agreement. We head to TopShop first. I find a really cute pink lace dress and buy it. Then we go to H&M. “This is not very successful.” Nikka says. “I agree. Let’s get lunch and go back to the hotel. We can go to the pool and chill with the boys.” I say. “Let’s go.” she replies. We go to Nando’s and eat quickly. 

"Where’ve you been?" Louis asks as we walk into the hotel room. "We went shopping, but there wasn’t a whole lot there." I say, holding up my lone bag. "You should’ve woken me up! I would’ve gone." Louis complains. "I apologize, my queen." Nikka jokes. "Hey. I am the swagmaster from Doncaster." Louis teases. He walks to Nikka and hugs her close. I plop down next to Harry on the couch. "Why are you all pouty?" I ask. "I heard you guys talking about me last night. I wasn’t sleeping." he says slowly. "I’m sorry. I just told her what you told me." I say. "It’s not what you said really, but you made me sound like a bad husband. I do want children, just not right now. I don’t understand why you don’t understand." he says crossing his arms. I feel hurt. I start to get defensive. "Well I’m sorry I want kids right now! You leave me alone all day and I want something to take care of!" I raise my voice. I see Nikka and Louis sneak away out of the corner of my eye. "You have Nikka!" he shouts. "But I like to take care of people! She’s the same way, we can’t take care of each other." I yell. "Okay!" he shouts storming to the bedroom and slamming the door. I kick off my shoes and lay down on the hard couch. Tears start to fill my eyes. Before I know it, there’s a steady stream pouring from my eyes. My body convulses with the sobs. I hear Harry open the door quietly. He tiptoes over to me and looks down. "What?" I snap at him. "I didn’t mean to make you cry." he whispers. "Yeah well… You did." I say. "Come here." he says lifting my body and sitting down. He lays me on his lap and strokes my hair. "I’m sorry." he kisses my forehead. "I am too." I whisper. "I was thinking and I decided, whenever we get pregnant, we get pregnant. So erm basically I will take a kid any time." he smiles weakly. "I don’t want you to be uncomfortable." I say. "I’m not." he says. "Okay." I smile. He bends down and starts kissing me. He picks me up and carries me to the bedroom. 

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Harry & Katie… Louis & Nikka: Chapter 15

"Here’s your tea." Harry smiles down at me as my eyelids flutter open. "Thanks, love." I yawn. "So will you tell me what last night was about?" he asks sipping on his own tea. "What do you mean?" I ask avoiding the question. "You sounded sad." he frowns. "Well… I don’t know. I just want a baby of my own. That’s all." I smile weakly. "We’re still kind of young though, don’t you think?" he says. "Yeah. Sorry for bringing it up." I say sadly. "It’s not like we’ll never have kids. I’m just not ready right now. I mean, I’m in the prime of my career." he states. "I know. I could never ask you to have a child right now. Sorry." I apologize. "Don’t be sorry. I was thinking we could go to Animal Kingdom today?" Harry changes the subject. "Yeah, sounds good." I try to smile. 

Harry and I take our usual shower together. I dress in a purple swimsuit, a lavender tank, turquoise shorts, and tan flip flops. I curl my hair and put on my usual touch of makeup. “You look lovely.” Harry smiles seeing me. He’s dressed in a purple Jack Wills shirt, white shorts, and his white Converse. “You’re looking fine yourself. I love you in purple.” I wink. He smiles and grabs my hand as we hear Louis knocking on the door like usual. “Where to?” he asks. “Animal Kingdom.” Harry says. “You look kinda like Ariel today.” Nikka smiles. “That was actually my inspiration. Like it?” I ask. “Love it!” she grins. “Did Mandy leave yet?” I ask. “Yeah, but she told me she’d be back in a few days. She just has to pick up more of her stuff and she wants to see her friends and your parents.” Nikka replies. “Oh.” I say as we arrive at the car. Andy’s already in the driver’s seat. “Where are you going?” he asks. “Animal Kingdom. Stat.” I laugh. He starts driving.

"I love this park!" I smile as we walk through the gates. "Which ride first?" Louis asks. "Umm, Expedition Everest. Are you crazy?" I laugh. "Let’s go then!" Nikka shouts. We walk through the park stopping at a few animal exhibits until we get to it. "I love the queue line. There’s so much cool stuff!" I shriek. "Well let’s walk slow." Harry says. There’s no one in line, but us so we take our time looking at all the cool artifacts and "proof" of the Yeti. We get to the end of the line and Harry and I go in the front. Nikka and Louis behind us. "You ready?" I ask knowing he gets nervous on roller coasters. "I’m ready." he smiles weakly and I hold his hand. I give him a reassuring squeeze as the ride starts to move forward. The coaster travels at a pretty fast pace around the mountain. We start to go up a hill, but the tracks are torn off. Harry looks at me confused. I just smile, knowing what will happen next. The ride starts to go backwards down the track really fast. Everyone starts screaming with a combination of fear and adrenaline. The ride stops again and a shadow of the Yeti is projected on the wall. The coaster shoots forward again and we climb up a huge hill and go straight down. I feel my bum come out of my seat. I hear Harry start laughing. I smile. We go inside the mountain and there’s the Yeti himself at the top of the hill. He looks so life like and I scream at the top of my lungs as we lunge at him. The ride ends. "How was it?" the guy working the ride asks. "Amazing, as usual." I smile at him. Nikka and Louis nod in agreement. "Again!" Harry shouts. "Later! I wanna go see the animals." I laugh. 

We get to the Kilamanjaro Safari and we hop into one of the jeeps. The driver narrates the entire ride as we enter the plains of Kilamanjaro. There are tons of giraffes, lions, and elephants. I point excitedly at all the different animals. “Come on guys, there is a baby elephant that got taken from it’s mother after she was poached. Let’s go!” the driver shouts. “Oh no.” I frown. “It’s going to be okay.” Harry laughs comforting me. “I know, I’ve been on this before. But it’s still sad.” I say. “I know.” he reaches over and pulls me close. “He’s okay everyone!” the driver shouts excitedly. We all cheer as we pass the baby. 

We got off and Niall, Liam, and Zayn meet us at the exit. “Hey lads! What are you doing here?” Harry asks giving them each a hug. “Paul wants us to stay and he said you were here so we wanted to come too.” Liam says. “Wanna ride Expedition Everest with us? We just rode it, but it was brilliant.” Harry grins. “To think he used to hate roller coasters.” Louis laughs. “I just want to eat.” Niall says. “That’s all you do, Niall.” Zayn chuckles. We all walk over to the coaster and get on once again. 

"That was mental!" Niall shouts. "That was quite fun." Liam smiles. Zayn nods in agreement. "Let’s go watch the Finding Nemo show." Nikka grins. The actors perform the story of Finding Nemo with a few little twists and changes. 

"That was adorable." I say as we walk out. "Not as adorable as you." Harry smiles and kisses me. "Oh shucks thanks." I giggle. "Where to next?" Zayn asks. "Well we’ve done basically everything. Wanna go to Hollywood Studios or something?" I ask. "Sure." he says. We go to the buses and hop on one to the park. 

"Tower of Terror first!" I shout running through the park. "I’m scared of heights though." Zayn whispers. "It’s fun! You won’t even know how high you are." I comfort. "Okay." he says unsure. We get to the Hollywood Tower Hotel and it looks abandoned. The attention to detail is ridiculous. We are pointed towards the library and we all step inside. The doors shut behind us and the room goes dark. The TV turns on and tells us about the Twilight Zone and a thunderstorm goes on in the background. Another set of doors open to the boiler room and we walk to one of the elevator shafts. A creepy employee leads us inside and helps us buckle in. He does an evil laugh as the elevator doors close. We shoot up and doors open. The people that died in the elevator crash appear and welcome us in. The doors close and we go up another level. The doors open again and the elevator leaves the shaft and starts moving forward through a room of mirrors with black and white objects in them, like a ticking clock and some of the people. We get to a black shaft and the elevator shoots up. The doors to the outside open and we can see the whole park. I feel Harry rest his hand on mine. The elevator drops suddenly and shoots up again. It stops and shakes for a second and we fall again. Everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs. Especially Zayn. The elevator goes up and down one more time until finally stopping. The elevator moves backwards and turns. The doors open once again and an employee helps us out. "How was it?" I ask jumping around. "I loved it!" Louis and Nikka laugh. "It was fun." Harry says smiling. Liam, Niall, and Zayn look kinda shaky. "You lads okay?" Harry asks. "Yeah. That was… Fun…" Liam says slowly. "Let’s go on a ride more your speed." I laugh.

We head to the Rock’N’Roller Coaster. We go into what looks like a recording studio and Aerosmith is there and they invite us to their show! They’re late and so are we. We are pointed to the alley and we step into a super stretch limo. I sit in the front with Harry and Niall is behind us, followed by Louis and Nikka and then Zayn and Liam. The ride moves in front of a tunnel. “3-2-1!” one of the band members scream in our ears and the coaster shoots from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a few seconds into the dark. I hear everyone scream. I scream the loudest by far. The coaster goes upside down and up and down. There are neon street signs everywhere. Aerosmith music plays loudly in the speakers. We go upside down again. The ride starts to slow as we pull up to the red carpet. The lap belts fly up and we step out. “That was brilliant!” Zayn shrieks. “I’m glad you liked it. How’d everyone else like it?” I laugh. “It was really fun!” Liam says. “I loved it!” Niall smiles. “I’m glad.” I smile. “I’m ready for food and a nap.” Niall says. “Me too.” everyone says in unison. We head back to the car and go to the hotel.

"Room service?" I ask Harry as we head up to our room. "Sounds good." he says tiredly. "I want spaghetti and meatballs. What do you want?" I smile. "Hamburger and chips." he says. I dial the phone when we get in the room. "How may I help you?" a kind voice asks. "Can I have a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, a hamburger and fries, and two Cokes sent up to room 415?" I say. "Of course. That’ll be right up." she says nicely. "Thank you." I say and hang up. I flop on the bed next to Harry. "Long day." he yawns. "Yup." I say closing my eyes.

I hear knocking on the door. I look over next to me. Harry’s sleeping. I get up and answer the door. A bellhop wheels the food into our room. “Thank you! How much?” I ask grabbing my wallet. “Free of charge compliments of the manager.” he smiles. “Oh! Tell him thank you for me! That’s so sweet!” I grin. “I will. Have a nice day.” he turns to leave. “Harry… Food’s here.” I gently shake him awake. He groans. “It’ll get cold, but you can still sleep.” I say as I grab my own plate and switch on the TV. I change it to the movie channel and Toy Story is on. I text Liam to tell him and then I start eating a meatball. Harry sits up and I hand him his burger. He grunts a thank you. I sip on my soda and continue eating my spaghetti until it’s gone. I quickly get up to brush my teeth and I lay down next to Harry. He puts his food down and looks at me. I move my head to his lap and he starts stroking my hair and playing with it. I close my eyes and slowly fall asleep.

To be continued…

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Harry & Katie… Louis & Nikka: Chapter 14

I sit up quickly, sweating, crying, and panting. “Are you okay?” Harry asks panicked. “Yeah… Just a bad dream.” I whimper and curl up in a ball. “What was it?” he rubs my back. “I dreamed that you cheated on me and you left.” I start crying again. “Babe, look at me,” he turns my face to look at him, “that will never happen. I promise. I don’t even look at other girls. You’re the only one for me.” he says pulling me into his arms. I nod. “What time is it?” I ask wiping my tears. “4:30.” he replies. “Wanna go watch the sunrise on the balcony?” I ask. “Of course.” he says picking me up from the bed. I lay my head on his shoulder. Harry opens the sliding glass door and steps out into the cool, humid air. He moves the metal chair with his foot and he sits himself down. “Comfortable?” he asks kissing my hair. “Very.” I smile. The sky is orange and pink with a light blue tint.

"Can we stay here forever?" Harry asks after a while. "I want to." I say. He pulls my face up and he stares at me. I stare right back, looking into his beautiful green eyes. "I can’t believe how lucky I am." Harry whispers. "Me too." I blush. "You are truly stunning." he smiles. I slowly lean in to kiss him. I close my eyes and our lips touch. His lips are soft and dry. I feel him part his lips slowly. We switch sides and continue kissing. He pulls away carefully. "I think that was our best kiss yet." Harry grins. "I agree." I smile, resting my head on him again. My eyelids get droopy and I fall asleep.

"It’s time to get up, love." Harry gently shakes me awake. I slowly open my eyes. "Oh, I’m sorry for falling asleep." I apologize yawning. "Why would you apologize for that? I fell asleep too." he says. "Oh okay. What are we doing today?" I ask. "I got a text from Paul. We have some interviews today. You, Nikka, and Mandy can tag along if you want. I’m sorry we keep having to change our plans." he frowns. "Don’t be. I love going to stuff like this with you." I smile. "Oh. Well let’s get ready then, shall we?" he says, a smile returning to his face. 

We get in the shower together, like we do everyday. I dress in a floral dress and sparkly flip flops. I straighten my hair and put on my usual makeup. “How’s this?” I ask putting a simple necklace on. “Beautiful.” he smiles and kisses me. Harry has on a Beatles t-shirt, brown shorts, and his usual white Converse. “Where’s the wake-up call from Lou?” I ask. “I have no idea…” he shrugs. We walk into the hall and go to their door. Harry knocks. Louis opens the door with a tired face. “What’s wrong?” I ask stepping in. “Nikka’s really sick. She keeps vomiting.” he says. “Oh no.” I say. I run into the bedroom. “Nikka! What’s wrong? How are you feeling?” I race to her side. “Not good. Katie… I think I’m pregnant.” she says. “I don’t understand… Why would this make you feel like that?” I ask confused. “It only happens in the morning. I feel fine the rest of the day. And I’ve been extra hungry.” she whispers. “I’ll ask to go to the pharmacy for medicine for you or something and I’ll pick you up a pregnancy test. You stay in bed, okay, love?” I say. “Thank you.” she smiles weakly before throwing up into the bowl in her arms. I leave because I can’t stand the sound and smell. “I’ll meet you guys at the interview. I need to get her some medicine.” I smile at the boys. “Okay, be careful.” Harry says referring to the fans. “I will. I love you.” I say. “I love you too.” he turns and leaves. 

I check on Nikka and I go down the elevator with Andy at my side. “Thanks for going with me, Andy.” I smile. “That’s my job.” he says. The doors open and tons of fans start screaming. “Stay close.” he yells over the noise. I grab his hand and he pushes through the fans with some help from the hotel security. We finally get to the car and I sit on the passenger side. “Wear these so people don’t follow us.” Andy hands me a big pair of black sunglasses. I put them on. “Ooh I like these.” I laugh looking in the mirror. “Very cute.” he laughs. 

We stop at a Boots. No one’s there so I go in by myself. I buy Peptobismal and a pregnancy test for Nikka. I use cash so Harry doesn’t see the test on the credit card. “Thank you.” I smile at the clerk and walk out of the store and get into the car. “What’d you buy?” Andy asks curiously. “Just Peptobismal for Nikka’s stomach.” I lie. He just nods and we drive to the radio station where the interview is. “This is gonna be a long one.” Andy warns. We fight through the crowd and Andy leads me to the interview room.

"And here she is now!" the interviewer shouts into the microphone. "We were just talking about you, grab a headset and sit down next to Harry." she points to the empty seat. Mandy is already hooked up to the equipment. Everyone watches me as I sit down. "So tell us everything! Where are you from? How’d you meet Harry?" she says impatiently. "Well, I’m from Florida originally, but I moved to Wyoming when I was eleven for a better life for my family. I met Harry at the Denver concert. I had VIP tickets so I was pretty close to the stage and he kept looking at me. When I met him, he said he recognized me. I gave him my number and we went on a date that night with Nikka and Lou to dinner, a movie, and we flew to the beach. He asked me to be his girlfriend that night and he proposed the next day. It was sudden, but we’ve made it this long and it still feels like the beginning. I’ve never been this happy." I wink at Harry. He just smiles. "Harry, what do you think?" the interviewer asks. "Well, Lucy, I think we just get on really well. I think she’s an amazing person and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. The fans love her which makes it all the better." Harry smiles. Tears start to fill my eyes. "What about your family and friends? What do they think of her?" Lucy asks. "My family adores her. Gemma talks about her all the time. Katie and her are like best friends. It’s really sweet to watch them hang out together. And not many of my friends have met her, but the ones that have really like her. They ask about her a lot. I don’t know how the lads feel about her actually though." Harry turns his attention to the boys. "I personally love her. She gets on really well with me and Nikka. She’s fun to be around and she’s always there for us. She’s really understanding of how much we have to work and she helps us get through it by cooking for us and cleaning our flat. She really helps us with our work too." Louis grins. "She introduced me to Mandy. She’s really cool to be around and she makes everything we do. She helps us out when we’re in bad moods and can turn my day around instantly." Zayn says. "If I ever need someone to talk to or clean with, I phone her. She’s a brilliant addition to the band and I adore her. She’s kind of like our tour mom." Liam says. "She can eat as much as I do and she loves to go to Nando’s with me. She’s pretty carefree most of the time, which I get on well with." Niall smiles. "So basically they love her." Harry laughs. My tears start to run down my face. "Oh don’t cry, love. The boys love you." Lucy tries to comfort. "I know, I just didn’t realize how much they cared about me. That’s all." I smile weakly. Harry starts rubbing my back. He kisses my cheek. I zone out as the interview carries on.

"I’m sorry, I just couldn’t handle all that." I apologize as Harry opens the car door for me. "Don’t be sorry. I didn’t know the boys felt that way either. I’m glad they do. I know I made a great decision marrying you." Harry smiles. I lay down and rest my head on his lap. "Thank you for everything." I look up and smile. "Thank you for loving me and marrying me." he smiles back. 

"Let me carry you." Harry says as we pull up to the hotel. "Okay." I say grasping his neck and positioning myself. "Can you drop me off in Nikka’s room and do something with Lou? I need to talk to her about something." I say. "Is everything okay?" he asks nervously. "Yes, completely." I smile. 

Harry drops me off and goes downstairs with Louis to get a drink. “Hey, I’m back.” I smile walking into the bedroom. “Did you get the test?” Nikka asks timidly. “I did. Are you ready?” I ask nervously. “I am.” she gets up and goes to the bathroom. “Okay, we have to wait ten minutes.” she starts pacing the suite. “Come here.” I open my arms and she doesn’t hesitate to walk into them. I hug her tightly.

"Do you want to be pregnant?" I ask still hugging her. "I do. I just don’t feel ready, but I do. I don’t know how to explain it." she shrugs. "I do know. You are ready to be a mommy, but your nervous about it. I totally get it." I say. "Exactly." she says pulling away. "It’s time." I look at the clock. She takes a deep breath and walks into the bathroom.

"Two lines… I’m pregnant!" Nikka shrieks excitedly. "Oh my gosh!" I start screaming with her. We jump up and down and turn on loud music and dance around. "This is amazing." she smiles. "I know. I’m so happy for you." I say giving her another hug. "Should we tell the boys?" she asks. "Yes. I’ll call Harry up." I grab my phone out of my pocket and call him. "Hello?" he asks in his slow voice. "Get up here. We have to tell you and Lou something." I say excited. 

"What’s going on?" Louis bursts in the door. "I’m pregnant!" Nikka shouts. "Congratulations." Harry smiles. Louis’ mouth just kinda hangs open. "Aren’t you happy?" she asks worried. "Are you kidding? Of course!" Louis runs to her and picks her up and spins her around. He kisses her passionately. "I love you so much." he smiles. "I love you too." she grins. "Let’s go." I motion towards the door to Harry. He grabs my hand and we walk out. "I’m so happy for them." I say quietly. "What’s wrong?" Harry asks noticing my sad tone. "Nothing. Don’t worry about it." 

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Harry & Katie… Louis & Nikka: Chapter 13

"Okay… Yeah, that’s fine… No, I totally understand… I would feel bad if I didn’t… Okay… Bye." I wake up to hear Harry on the phone. "Did I wake you, love?" he asks coming to my side. "Yeah, but that’s okay. Who was that on the phone?" I ask groggily. "Paul. So basically we have to do a meet and greet and a performance today." Harry frowns. "Alright. I’ll probably just go to the beach with Nikka and Mandy." I say, trying to hide my sadness. "You girls are welcome to come with us if you would like." he says. "Oh! I’ll ask them!" I brighten up. I text them both "Hey. Meet and greet today with the boys?" They both respond yes. Harry stands up and goes to the bathroom. I hear him turn on the shower. "Ehh… We have time." I think to myself going into the shower to join him. He doesn’t look surprised when I get in. I wrap myself around him and kiss him passionately. "Mmmmm, Harry!" I moan, hitting my climax. I let go of him and step out of the shower. "That was lovely." Harry winks at me stepping out behind me. I wink back at him, laughing, and I pick up a towel to dry myself off. 

"Pick out my outfit. I’ve never done one of these before." I tell Harry. "This… these… oh these!… and this." Harry smiles to himself as he hands me a flowy white and black lace tank top, dark wash jean shorts, black and white polkadot flats with little black bows on the toes, and a long elegant necklace. "This is actually very cute. Good job!" I assure him as I dress. "Thanks." he laughs. I quickly curl my hair and put on my usual touch of makeup. I grab a light pink purse to compliment my outfit.

"Can I have your outfit?" Nikka shrieks as I step into the hallway. "Erm, sure?" I laugh not knowing how to respond. "Just say ‘yeah thanks’." she giggles noticing my confusion. "Well you look adorable!" I say changing the focus. Nikka’s wearing a white lace sundress with a brown belt at her waist and brown sandals. "Oh, thanks." she smiles. "I’ll see you there." Harry says kissing me quickly and turning to follow Louis. "I’ve been meaning to tell you, I’ve been feeling kinda weird lately… I don’t know what’s going on. I threw up this morning." Nikka says worriedly. "I’m sure it’s fine. Just a little jet lag." I brush it off. "Come on, let’s go find Mandy." I smile pulling her along. 

We pull into the mall parking lot. “Is the coast clear of fans?” I ask the driver. “Yes. Security blocked them off, Mrs. Styles.” he says. “Woah. Mrs. Styles. I’m still not used to that.” I laugh half to myself. We all get out. “Oh, this is nice not being mobbed.” Mandy laughs. “Oh I kno-” Nikka begins as fans start screaming and running towards us. “Run!” I yell sprinting to the door of the mall. We get inside just in time to avoid them. “I feel bad running from them… I mean, that used to be us.” Nikka frowns. “It’s for your safety.” I hear a familiar voice behind us. “Paul!” I shout hugging him. “Hello, Katie. Follow me, girls.” he says nonchalantly. 

We follow Paul down to the boys. Harry sees me and mouthes “I love you.” and winks. “I love you too.” I mouth back. He smiles and returns to signing CDs. Paul continues leading us to go behind the black curtain. “Hey!” Josh smiles wrapping me in a hug. “Hey, Josh! How’s it going?” I say. “Great! There’s someone I want you to meet.” he grins.  A pretty girl with light hair and blue eyes steps out from behind Josh with a big smile on her face. “Hi! I’m Sam. I’m Josh’s girlfriend” she says. “Hey, I’m Katie and this is my best friend Nikka.” I respond, smiling. “I’m so happy to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you from Josh and the boys!” she says. “All good things I hope.” I laugh. She nods and chuckles. 

We talk for a while about getting popular and what it’s like being married to Harry and Louis and Mandy being engaged to Zayn and what it’s like for her dating Josh. “Hey, we have to perform now. See you in a few.” Josh says, kissing Sam. “You guys are so cute! How long have you been dating?” I ask. “About three months, give or take.” she says. “Don’t get engaged young like us.” my sister warns laughing. Sam smiles. “Girls, come on out. The boys want you sit with them.” Paul waves us to come around the curtain. I shrug in surprise when Nikka looks at me.

"Hey, babe." Harry whispers in my ear as I sit next to him. "Hey, what are we doing?" I ask. "These fans paid extra to get everyone’s autograph, including yours." he says handing me a Sharpie. "What? But I dunno how to do this!" I say surprised. "Just sign and take pictures and give hugs and high fives. It’s easy." Harry soothes kissing me. I nod and take a deep breath. 

The first girl steps up. She mumbles things to Zayn and Mandy, I can’t make out what she says. “Hi, Katie! Oh my gosh! I love you so much! I can’t believe I’m meeting you!” she screams. “Hey, hon. That means so much to me thank you!” I smile. She reaches to hug me and I hug her back. She squeals a little. She moves on to Harry. I look down at the album cover that is handed to me. My first signature. “Katie S.” I sign in fancy curvy writing. “I like it.” Harry whispers and I smile as the next girl comes up. “This is for you. I made it myself.” she says handing me a scrapbook. “Harry & Katie. The perfect two.” the front says. I open it. There are tons of pictures and quotes from us. “I can’t believe you did this… Thank you, love! I will put this in our flat.” I smile. I stand up to hug her. She doesn’t hesitate to hug me. She smiles and moves on from us. 

"That was amazing. I wanna do it again!" I say excitedly as the last girl exits. "You did great for your first day! Look at all your gifts." Harry points at the box full of presents. I scan it, there’s the scrapbook, a few stuffed teddy bears, I guess they saw Harry won me the teddy, different types of food, and letters. "I did good, huh?" I grin as he picks me up and spins me around. He sets me down. I grab a box of M&Ms and pop a few in my mouth. "Toss me one." Harry opens his mouth a prepares himself to catch one. I toss a red one and it lands right on his tongue. "Smooth." I wink. "I know." he smiles. "Nap time?" I suggest. "Please. I’m exhausted." Harry says. He grabs my hand and walks with me out to the car. 

"Your turn to carry me." Harry laughs as we get out of the car. "Hop on." I bend down giggling motioning for him to get on my back. He hops on. "I don’t think I can do this." I strain taking a few steps. "Keep going." he laughs. "I can’t.." I fall to the ground with Harry landing on top of me. "Ow." I say sarcastically, giggling. Harry just laughs. I sit pouting on the concrete. "Oh goodness you’re bleeding." Harry immediately rushes to my assistance. I look down and I have a big scrape on my knee. "Well that’s attractive." I mutter. "Let’s get that cleaned up." Harry says scooping me up. "My hero." I giggle. He smiles.

We get up to the room and he places me on the bathroom counter. “Okay, this is going to hurt, but I have to do this.” Harry says calmly. “Okay.” I nod. He pours the alcohol on my knee. I hiss in pain. “Sorry!” he cringes. “It’s okay.” I say through clenched teeth. Harry unwraps a band-aid and places it carefully on my knee. “All done.” he smiles. I reach my arms towards him, motioning for him to pick me up. He sighs and lifts me and carries me to the bed. He opens my drawer and throws me some Pink sweats. I change into them as Harry strips down to nothing but his boxers. I curl up under the covers and he settles himself behind me, wrapping his big arms around me, holding me close. He kisses my hair and he starts humming our song softly. I drift off to sleep completely at ease..

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